Balancing Full-time MBA & Work During a Global Pandemic

As the education system gradually became online, it became easy to work and simultaneously study for a postgraduate degree. I wanted to explore the practical side also when I started my MBA. As a fresher I didn’t have work-ex and doing internships with your MBA can help you in many ways. But, is time management really that easy? After all, we have only 24 hours in a day. Here are some tips which I used when I started working with Webshakers along with my Full-time MBA program at Welingkar:

  1. Know your limitations and select flexible hours for your job:
    Look for an internship that matches your work capacity. Do not overestimate it or fall under planning fallacy. I was able to manage my internship with an MBA because it had a flexible working hours option.

Many of this also depends on which organization you select to work and if they believe in the learning and development of their employees. In my case, I am lucky enough to work with WebShakers and am able to balance between a Full-time MBA and work. I got sabbatical leaves for exams, flexible hours, and helpful coworkers. This is what WebShakers culture is all about.



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